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Nitro Pro 13 confusion


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I'm completely confused about Software Assurance/VIP Access/etc and how this affects my access to Nitro Pro 13.

In July 2017, I bought Nitro Pro 11 and one year of software assurance.

In June 2018, I got an email saying Nitro Pro 12 was now available and the system let me "buy" it for free and Cleverbridge sent me an email with a new product key.

In July 2018, I asked support how to renew my software assurance (case *** if anyone from Nitro wants to look it up) and was directed to a link at the Nitro store. I subsequently bought "Product Updates" for CA$41.50.

In July 2019, I again bought "Product Updates" for CA$41.50.

Today (Sept. 27), I get an email from Nitro telling me that my VIP access has lapsed and offering me a discounted upgrade offer if I upgrade before Monday. If I put in my 12 serial number in the web site, it tells me that I need to pay CA$107 after discounts for the upgrade and the VIP access.

I'm completely confused - I tried my best to renew the software assurance for the past two years, I followed the instructions that I was given, and now... I seem to have lost the main benefit, i.e. that it would give me major upgrades for free. (The text from Cleverbridge with my 2017 order said "This also entitles you to a free upgrade path to the next major release within this 12 month window. We will notify you directly when this becomes available.")

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