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My Nitro Software keeps crashing so I finally uninstalled and went to reinstall (after submitting numerous crash reports with no response) but now I cant reactivate. It says my serial number or license isn't valid so I followed the steps to deactivate and reactive and wont allow that either. I purchased this upgrade last year and have the email with the serial number so I know I am entering the correct information. 

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Tammy,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

Please send me the serial number via direct message, the serial number you were using so I can check.


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I have reset my license and deleted activations in the portal. I still cant click on activate in the app and get it to allow me to enter my serial #. I tried to reinstall and i get an error during install that a network location *:.. is unavailable. Any help would be appreciated. Thx

could not access network location *:\.

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Tammy_H,

The serial number you provided is for Nitro Pro 12.

Please uninstall Nitro Pro completely. Then use the tool I have provided below to remove all files associated with Nitro Pro and reboot your system.

NOTE: This clean-up tool will erase any existing signature files within Nitro, so please save them to another location before using the clean-up tool in order to keep them. Please see this link for backing up custom stamps/signatures: http://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/search/stamps/000001671

When your system is back up, close all of your open applications and install Nitro Pro from the page I have provided below:

Please let us know how that goes.

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