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A Purchased & Activated Nitro Productivity Suite Always Show Trial Expired Mode If Without Internet Connection


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Dear All,

Good day. I purachsed & activated the Nitro Productivity Suite on 4/10/2019 through on line.

After that, I found out this Nitro Pro software will show out  "Trial Expired Mode" the next day. 

Then, I connect the PC to internet. The "Trial Expired Mode" no showing anymore.

But, the day after next day, this Nitro Pro show out "Trial Expired Mode" again.

Then, I need to connect the PC to internet again to resolve this issue.


1. Is the PC installed with Nitro Productivity Suite need internet connection to use it?

2.  Please advice how to resolve this issue?

Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Best regards,


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Hello Leslie V,

My purchase Invoice reference number from Cleverbridge is 194xxxxx5 as a evidence of my purchased of Nitro Pro on 4/10/19.

I tried to uninstalled the Nitro Pro on 18/10/19, and install it again. The Nitro Pro don't required me to key in the serial number but can be use as normal on 18/10/19.

Today, this Nitro Pro turn out to be Trial version expired again. 

I go to the activation website on nitro https://licenses.gonitro.com/prd/portal, when i key in the serial number provided 50497XXXXXXXXXXXXX to activate again, the website pop up the "Please enter a valid serial number". Why??

Please help & advise how to do ASAP.



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