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Ive changed computers and cant reactivate Nitro Pro

Glitter Tattoo Spain

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Glitter Tattoo Spain

Hi - I have changed computers today. On my old laptop which is Windows 7 I have Nitro Pro I deactivated it and then went on Google to try and find Nitro pro 11 to install on the new computer (Windows 10) but I cant find it as now the versión is so when I try to actívate it it tells me that the serial number does not exist. So I had no other option than to reactivate Nitro pro 11 on my old laptop. On this new computer it is a trial versión. I hope someone here can help me as customer support by email is imposible unless you are a VIP member and there is no way to contact Nitro support. I need Pro installed on this new laptop - please help. Thanks

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Glitter Tattoo Spain
On 10/24/2019 at 2:47 PM, Leslie V. said:

Hello @Glitter Tattoo Spain

Thanks for reaching out!

You can find the installers here: https://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/search/installer/000004464

Please reinstalling version 11 and reactivate using your serial number.


Hi Leslie - I tried that also but as I had installed a free versión of the latest Nitro the nitro pro 11 link wont work. I uninstalled the free versión, wiped everything off cache but it satill wont let me as the installer says due to an error it wont open. A small window says there is already a late4r versión of Nitro on my computer. I have uninstalled everything and rebooted the computer 3 times and it still wont work. Its really annoying after paying for a program that itys so difficult, if not, imposible to reinstall on a new computer. I guess I'm just goint to have to try and find another PDF editing program and forget about Nitro.

Thanks anyway

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