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Renumbering Pages in Nitro Pro 12


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How do I renumber pages in Nitro Pro PDF 12?  My goal is not to change any page numbers that appear on the pages--the numbers on the pages are correct.  However, the document is divided in several parts.  I'd like to set the numbers so that the page that appears at the bottom of the program (e.g., " 80 of 383") is correct.  Documents would not all begin on page one.  

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I signed up and came here for this too.

I want to number some pages blank, some with roman numerals, then start with 1, 2, 3...  I used to do this with Acrobat all the time for manuals so I could jump to pages easily.

Now I've been scanning pages from different sections of a book and putting the scans together.  Page 300, 301, ... then the pages jump to 748 then 754...

It was easy in Acrobat but I can't find the way in Nitro.

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wondershare PDF element has an editor that supports renumber pages.   They call it "Page Labels".


NitroPro does everything I need except for this.  I hope that this basic feature will be added in the future.   I'd hate to have to buy some other PDF editor product.

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