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Am I doing this right?


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We purchased 10 licenses for 12 PRO to start off with. We received an email with 10 links to download the software.  Originally we installed the trial version from a downloaded 64bit version , then emailed indigosoftware the ID and Serial and the software activated via the returned activation email.  We have gone through about 6 and at least one went back to Expired and another does not show a serial number in the trial version.

My question is, how does Nitro know these licenses have been purchased by us?  Am I installing these incorrectly?

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Good afternoon @Leslie V.

Were you able to find out if any of our licenses are getting accounted for?   Perhaps I am interpreting the instructions wrongly, and I might have to try to re-activate a few in testing.  Figuring out how to apply licensing so they don't bounce to trial ended unexpectedly would assist greatly to present a good first impression to the organization. If it goes sour, so soon, we will be stuck with Adobe.   Thanks and have a great holiday.  -Keith 

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Good morning,

Although I am still thoroughly confused about how Nitro is notified when I've used a license, I suppose my option is to reinstall on previously activated installs that have reverted to Trial mode expiration and ignore the ones that remained licensed.   These first installs were registered using a downloaded v.12 rather than from received email links (10 links, 10 purchased lic  = "must use the links to identify the buyer?")   And if this is the case, why do other installs get activated and stay although the email links were not used to procure the install file?

Leslie, do you need me to DM those serials again, to see if they are in Nitros radar at all?

tl;dr :  After purchasing 10 licenses, there were no clear instructions on how to install these licenses to ensure Nitro knows who is registering.

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