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Scans Terrible


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Using an older version of Nitro Pro, a Win 7 machine and a Flatbed Scan Maker 5800 scanner, Nitro Pro worked fine. I used it to create PDFs, Combine PDFs, and to convert to other MS Office documents.

I upgraded the computer to Win 10 late August 2019. And Nitro Pro to a new version. Nitro Pro did not work, Nitro hung up with errors! It would not scan any document. Yet using Photoshop and the same scanner I could scan perfectly fine.

I corresponded with Nitro Pro technical support in September, after several emails back and forth this issues; on November 2nd I was told by a Kelvin Villarin “A number of users have reported this issue as well and our technical support staff has already created a bug case, and escalated to our Product team for further review.”

On November 4th I was told to download and install a new version of Nitro Pro 13. I did. I was able to scan however the quality of the PDFs was terrible. I then replied with copies of PDFs made with Nitro and some made with Photoshop to compare the difference. Showing Nitro again was terrible, asking support what should I change.

On November 6th I heard back asking for screen shots of the interface I was using, I sent this again.

Then Kevin wanted to set up a Net Meeting support call on November 8th we scheduled it for 8 am. He never called. Then I was told a Leslie was going to call on Friday the 15th, I even received an email saying I should download Net meeting. She never called!

I purchased a new version of Nitro Pro which never has worked, I would think they would want to help make it work correctly.

At this point it seems no one is interested in helping. I would like to know how I can get a refund. I would rather get the help I need!

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Terry,

I apologize for the frustration this may have caused.

Please note the Net Meeting was scheduled at 8AM Eastern. I sent the Net Meeting Details at 7:52AM (codes expire, so we have to do it right before the scheduled meeting)

I waited for you to go online and do the net meeting with me as scheduled, but I never heard from you. I stayed on for another 10 minutes before I sent you another email asking you when you wanted to re-schedule since you were not available.

I have responded to the support ticket. 


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Last week I installed the app logged in with the code,  when I got your email,  it stayed open until I got your email canceling!!

I will be here at 8 am Monday EST and watch for the email


Please re confirm today that well will use net meeting

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I will be at the computer starting at 7:45am  until 9 tomorrow Tuesday will be at the computer starting at 7:45am  until 9 tomorrow Tuesday

Remember my third party spam filter can delay email by 30 minutes

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