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Nitro Pro 13 OCR & Image Quality


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As I have seen in this forum, after I upgraded from Pro 12 to Pro 13, Pro 13 does not offer much over 12. However, now I have (2) issues:

1) OCR no longer works

2) In full page view the screen is extremely blurry. Can't even read the smaller text unless you zoom in. The text is no longer crisp like it was in Pro 12. Checked preferences and do not see any setting to improve image quality.

Any help would be appreciated. If there is no solutions or patch coming out, what do I have to do to return Pro 13, that I bought online.

Thank you.



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Allain Umailin

Hello @Tamiazzo,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums and my apologies for this inconvenience.

With regard to the blurry issue, kindly run Nitro Pro with Compatibility mode by referring to these steps:
1. Right-click Nitro Pro desktop shortcut or the NitroPDF.exe (by default is installed in C:\Program Files\Nitro\Pro\13) then select Properties
2. Nitro Pro Properties window will open, click on Compatibility tab
3. Under Compatibility Mode, tick the box for 'Run this program in compatibility mode for', click the drop-down arrow and select Windows 7 if you're using Windows 10 (Choose Windows XP if you're using Windows 7)

In line with the OCR feature not working, please provide the following information:
-What OS is installed in your computer (Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1 or 10, whether it is 32-bit or 64 bit)?
-What build of Nitro Pro are you working with? You can find this out by clicking on 'About Nitro Pro' under the Help tab (format is 13.X.X.X, e.g. or you can go to Control Panel > Programs and Features.
-Does this happen with every scanned file? If it's a single file, please send us the sample file (with sensitive information extracted) so I can replicate it on my end

Thank you very much in advance and I am looking forward to hearing back from you. 

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