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Activation Screen only shows Deactivation

Tom Britton

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My system glitched and I lost Nitro. I sent in for how to get it back and was told to go to the activation screen and enter the serial number, which I did. What comes up is the a screen that shows the serial number, if its active, the number activation's I have left and then a button that says "deactivate". It then says that once I deactivate I can activate in Nitro Pro. There isn't a link to "Nitro Pro" and the version on Nitro on my computer is inactive and won't open when clicked on.

Note: When I click "Deactivate" it says: "Sorry. You may only deactivate 0 devices".

Where do I go from here to get Nitro back?

Thank you

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I have the same issue.  I had a PC hard drive crash.  I replaced it.  Reloaded W10.  Now I need to get Nitro up again. I have a Nitro Serial # from a previous purchase.   When I enter it the same thing that Mr. Britton sees happens to me.  Please 'release my key so I can reactivate.'  Thanks.

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