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MS Excel crashing because of NitroPro plugin

Afdeling IT

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Hi NitroPro community,

We believe that the NitroPro plugin is crashing our MS Excel because MS Excel is 32bit and our NitrPro is 64bit. 

We have a license for NitroPro version 9. It worked fine under Windwos 7 but since we recently moved to Windows 10 we have this problem. I guess Windows 10 is more fussy on 32 bit vs 42 bit.

Q1) Where can we download the NitroPro version 9 32 bit version?

Q2) Is it possible to install NitroPro version 9 without the MS Excel plugins? If yes how? Is there an option during the installation? We don't need the plugin because MS Excel can export to PDF direct. 


Afdeling IT

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We reinstalled NitroPro version 9 64bit. There is no option during the installation to disable the Excel plugin.

I rephrase Q2) Is it possible to configure NitroPro version 9 to disable the MS Excel plugins? If yes: how?

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