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Button to Create Form Template is not visible


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Hi there, I created a number of forms in Nitro Cloud but I'm not able to save them as a template.  The Save As Template button that is supposed to appear in the bottom right of the screen isn't appearing.  I've checked all of the instructions online that I could find but still no luck in creating templates.  

I am using Version 10.  Does that have something to do with it?

How do I create templates?


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Smita S- Nitro Cloud PM

Hi @BrainSkills

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums! 

Earlier this year, changes were introduced in the Nitro Productivity suite plans and their associated feature sets. Please refer to this article for further detail: https://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/search/cloud/000004802

As specified in the article, the ability to save templates is now exclusive to our business plans (Team and Enterprise) which can be purchased through our Nitro Sales Team and our partner network. To learn more about Nitro’s plans and pricing, or to get in touch with our sales team, visit http://www.gonitro.com/pricing

Thank you for choosing Nitro and I hope this helps!

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It helps and it doesn't help.  It's so confusing to find the right link, the right description and the right product.  I specifically upgraded to get this feature but couldn't find any material that said the templates were not available.  I could see different purchasing options but it only seemed to talk about licensing volume.  

Now I have to spend the time to find out if I can return this to get the business package.  Some videos on your site and product feature comparison sheets would be great.

Can you tell me how to return the purchase I just made to buy the correct version?


Another bit of feedback.  Every time I go to Nitro cloud it launch a new tab and a new login.  Why not just open the second document in the current cloud session? 

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Actually, the answer doesn't help at all. I purchased earlier this year and templates were included in the features. To have that feature removed for existing users is really not acceptable. There is no way to even email customer service through the website to complain since an upgraded license is required to even contact them. I've used Nitro for years, but can no longer recommend. 

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I feel like you have scammed me.  I purchased the product based upon the functionality your company represented would be provided and now you randomly remove functionality that I've already paid for.  I don't care how many articles you publish to announce what your doing, your company needs to live up to past commitments.  I can only assume your company has fallen upon financial hard times if you are willing to take such action.  This is deplorable!

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I agree, this is not a great model.  I do not have a team of that needs Nitro, I'm just one guy.  I also need to save as a Template, as I have done for years using Nitro.  How is this a "Team/Enterprise" feature?!?  Unhappy.

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Pennie Bacon

they took a good product and spread it out and made it as confusing as possible..  I want to host pdf files .. not decipher landing pages about products and features that take a wikipedia to figure out what they are talking about and if it even comes close to actually working with pdfs... jeez   save me

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