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Changing defaults for Text Field Properties.

Glenn H

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Text boxes and Checkboxes default to a solid black border.  I would like to change the default to no border for both boxes.  I did this in Version 8, but can't figure out how to do it in Version 10.  Anybody know how to do this?

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There are a couple ways you can do this.  If it's just one text field ensure you are on forms > under form fields select text field > select the text field > right click > properties > appearance. From here you can choose the border color from the spectrum and fill color for the individual box. 

If you would like to change multiple fields use the Select fields under form fields, drag across all the you want to change. Keep in mind this will not only do text fields but any type of field you select. If you don't care if its a combo box, signature field, text field then this works great. Otherwise you can choose select fields then press ctrl + A and it will grab any field. then right click> properties > Appearance

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