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PDF mail merge doesn't run document level JavaScript on "Auto"


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Nitro 13 Pro multi user licence

So a little bit of context. We use a practice management software called LawMaster. Now it has a document management system as part of this where it can actually merge data from variables stored in the software into Word and PDF documents. Works pretty great.

However, I'm getting to a point with some of our forms that I need to slice up things like phone numbers because the form has separate fields for the area code and the number so I started looking into using JavaScript inside the PDF documents to accomplish this. And it works great... in Adobe Reader (and Acrobat tbh)... It doesn't work at all when merging through Nitro. Now to be a little more specific. The code does work in Nitro when you just open the document, and I'm resorting to doing this for now, but when you're using LawMasters Auto merge and print functionality Nitro doesn't take the time to run the JavaScript it just gets the data in and prints as quickly as possible, in contrast to Adobe that behaves the same whether in auto print mode or not.

So first off, is there an option in the settings somewhere that says, even when in automation mode, still execute JavaScript?

And if not, can we have one please.

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Azarel,

Thanks for posting here!

I can see that you own a business license. 

I created a support ticket for you so we can get in touch with you directly.


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