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Nitro deactivated after WinX upgrade


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Purchased 3x Nitro Productivity Suite licences on 8/10/19 and all 3 installed ok.

1 PC now upgraded to WinX and Nitro has deactivated.

I have 3 serial numbers but don't know which serial went on which PC.

When I try the licencing portal it says 'please enter a valid serial number'

Cant find any technical support helpline to call its concealed to well.

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Allain Umailin

Hello @adw_uk,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

In order for me to further assist you with your concern, could you please provide the following?:

-The serial numbers of your Nitro Pro.
-The Computer IDs of the two machines that did not upgrade the operating system. Please refer to this article on how to get them:   

To send them via private message, hover your mouse on top of my name 'AllainU' and select 'Message'.

Thank you very much in advance and I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

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I have PM'd the invoice PDF and the 3x Serials in the e-mails that each come up saying they are invalid.

I am offsite from my client so have e-mailed them to try and gather the info on the 2 licences in use.

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