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Signature Request Keeps Failing


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Lately, more often than not I try to use the signature request for Nitro Cloud starting from the application, and I get an error, "There is a problem processing your file."

Is there a reason why this is happening?

Thank you for your help with this.

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I still haven't received help with this and am still having problems.

"Upload Failed"

"There was a problem processing your file."

BTW, this is the third different document.


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  • Official Nitronaut
Smita S- Nitro Cloud PM

Hi @Coffae

Thanks for reaching out to us through our Community Forums. 

Could you please check the size of the file that you are trying to upload to Nitro Cloud from within the Pro application? Nitro Cloud has a maximum file upload size of 10MB, and files larger than this cannot be added from within Nitro Pro. If the file is smaller than the 10MB limit, can you please try uploading the file by opening Nitro Cloud through a web browser? 

Hope this helps!

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