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copy a completed combobox - and none of the options are copied!


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When I copy and paste a completed combobox with a dozen options in it, the pasted copy is empty!

Is this behavior the same for everyone?

Not thrilled with having to type out the 12 options over and over.

Kind of defeats the purpose of using copy and paste.


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Hello @dwilbank

Once you make the preferred settings for your combo box, go to the Properties tab and click on Make Copies, instead of doing a copy+paste. I hope that helps!


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Hi. I used that method first. (Sorry - should have mentioned that). They both neglected to copy the options.

When I cranked up a copy of Acrobat Pro, it did copy all the options of a combobox, so I think we're looking at a bug here!

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  • 2 months later...

I just succeeded in using copy and paste, with options intact, from one document to another.

Version, Win 10.

I went into "select fields" mode, selected the field, hit ctrl-c, then pasted into the new form.


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