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Problem with Combine function


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I created a 22-page set of fillable-field documents consisting of four government forms, a cover letter, and a first page where most of the data needed in the form fields is entered. The purpose of this is to avoid separately entering data that is that  repeated among the forms. After creating this package and troubleshooting various errors, I had a package that worked well. However, when I combined this with a single additional form (in flattened PDF format), placed at the end as page 23,  errors appeared on entries on the first page in a number of fields. For example, inputting abcdefghijk would result in abcdef hijk and it was impossible to fill the gap with the missing g. In some cases, attempting to delete the blank character resulted in characters being over-writtten with other characters. This occurred in more than one field. I have tried many different work-arounds, but the problem does not go away. I cannot understand how appending a single flat pdf at the end of a correcting working 22 page file could result in malfunction of previously well-functioning  fillable fields.

I'm very surprised that Nitro provides no direct means of reporting bugs, especially serious bugs like this. It appears that you have to pay for support even to report a bug. As I am an occasional user, I have no reason to pay for support. 

If the support team contacts me, I'll be happy to send them the files.

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The version is I initially saved 5 government forms with fillable fields in flattened pdf form then combined them with two blank pages using the trial version of Nitro. No problems. Then I created fillable fields over the boxes in the government forms and also on a blank first page and in cover letter that required specific data. Everything was worked out and fields on the government forms were properly filled with data entered on the first page. I then purchased a license. The problem began when I appended a page with open fields to increase total document length from 22 to 23 pages. After that entries in fields on the first page became erratic with letters skipped. I then tried again with a flattened final page added. Still the same problems. I then gave up the effort.

I will provide the file if I can send it directly to you only as it is proprietary.


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I now believe that the problem is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC which was used to fill in text fields in the template I created with Nitro Pro after I emailed the template as an email attachment to someone else. Their computer does not have either Nitro or Nitro Reader. Is there a way for them to get Nitro Reader without going through the Nitro Pro Trial? If so I can test it right away. Otherwise I will have to have them download the trial and wait for it to expire to get Nitro Reader. If you can tell me how they can get Nitro Reader without waiting, I can give you a quick answer whether or not the problem is in Nitro or in Acrobat Reader.

(Since Acrobat Reader DC handled 22 pages of forms with many text fields but failed when I added another page, I suspect that there is a limit to pages or text fields in Acrobat Reader DC. )

Also a suggestion: Adobe's software has a conditional field option. Based on the answer to a Yes-No question, or Xing a Text Box, content may print or may not print in a specified text box. Certain government forms ask, for example, for address information only if a No box is chosen ("Are the mailing address and physical address the same?" l wold like the physical address to print in the text boxes only if the answer is no. I cannot handled this on the initial entry page because at a different place the physical address is definitely asked for.)




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