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Keyboard Shortcut for Switching/Toggling between Tabs


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I am new to NitroPDF (couldn't stomach the extortionary Adobe Acrobat annual fees anymore). 

I often work in multiple PDF documents (just as I often have multiple website tabs open in my internet browser).

In my website browswer and Adobe PDF there is a keyboard shortcuts for quickly moving the the tab you want without having to use your mouse every time.  (In most applications, it is Cntrl +1 to jump to the 1st tab, Cntrl + 2 to jump to the 2nd tab, etc).   Keyboard shortcuts obviously speed up work a lot, and I know Nitro is all about productivity.  

Is there Keyboard Shortcut for this yet on Nitro PDF?  If not, can we request that important productivity feature?

(Also, is there a general list of Nitro Keyboard shortcuts that I can find somewhere?  Neither Google nor the Nitro website search functionality is leading me to it.)

Thanks anyone who can help!




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