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Lauren F

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I am beyond frustrated. I have not been able to get in touch with anybody regarding the two licenses that I purchased yesterday. A week ago I spoke with a sales rep that told me that I could purchase two licenses and each license would allow two computers so I would be able to install Nitro pro on all four of my computers. He was actually supposed to call me back on Wednesday and on Friday so that we could get it set up but I never heard from him. I went ahead and purchased on my own yesterday and I purchased two licenses but it will only let me install it on two computers. I have spent hours trying to email on the contact form but I keep getting automated responses. I finally found a phone number for clever bridge but they said I needed to contact Nitro. Honestly I’m at the point where I just want to cancel and get a refund because if this is the type of support you offer I want nothing to do with it. Can somebody please let me know why my serial number for my two licenses will only go on two computers instead of four?

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