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1px thin white lines showing on PDF


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Hi All,

I have a ton of thin white lines appearing in a PDF document that are always 1px wide no matter how much you zoom in. In Adobe Acrobat there is an option under "Page Display" called "Smooth Line Art" that fixes this issue so that the lines are not displayed. Is there any equivalent in Nitro Pro or at least a work around? I've been told it is somehow caused by transparency layers being flattened. This is a big issue for me since I am trying to convert my companies online catalog to PNG format to put online, and I can't use Nitro to do it since the conversion also shows the lines.

Thank you!

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @SpencerC

I'm afraid these lines cannot be removed using Nitro as we don't have a similar "Smooth Line Art" tool. I tried a few workarounds like optimizing and flattening the file, but the lines remained.

As noted, this particular file would perform best in Acrobat.

Thanks anyway for reaching out, Spencer!

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