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I am attempting to install the Word plug in tab which I had in a prior version of Nitro.  The knowledge base article states:

To manage partner plugins:
In the File tab, select Preferences. The Nitro Pro Preferences dialog opens.
Select Plugin Manager
Check the checkboxes for plugins you wish to enable, and un-check other checkboxes
Click OK, and then restart Nitro Pro for your changes to take effect

However, under preferences, there is no Plugin Manager option.

Please advise as to the method.

Thank you.

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @dcpima

Thanks for contacting Nitro!

To install the Microsoft Office plugins please:

1.    Start Nitro and click on the Help ribbon.
2.    Click the Support Tools button.
3.    In the Support Tools dialog, select the PDF Creation tab.
4.    Select all the plugins and click 'Update Add-ins'

(Please note, if it asks to restart with Administrator privileges, you will have to go back to Step 3)

Please let me know how you go.

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Leslie, Thank you for pointing me to the proper menu choice, which indicated that Nitro has to be RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR in order to accomplish this.  However, even after doing so, the process fails with an error message: "Unable to update Microsoft Word add-in."

Please advise.

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