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Moving pages within a document



If I want to move pages within a document, it appears to be a clumsy slow process.  I am currently highlighting/selecting the pages then dragging them up the document via the thumbnail images on the left hand side.  If you have a large document, this can take far too long.  You should be able to select the pages you want to move; then go to the place you want to insert the pages; then click 'move here before / after this page (as with inserts I recollect which works this way).

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Milene Chavez

I support this request!

Moving pages across large documents is a very awkward and time-consuming process. Imagine moving pages 743-781 before page 132...

I hope Nitro implements it soon - it does not sound like complex coding...

Adobe Acrobat does not have this function, either. So, it would be a plus for Nitro users.

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Albert Koch

This might be faster or easier. Extract all the pages to be moved together by page number. For example (4,7,22-100,157) Highlight on the side bar of the original document (Thumbnail) where you want the extracted pages to go. Grab all your extracted pages and move your mouse up to the tab where the name of your original document is displayed. (Do not release the left button on your mouse yet) This will open the side bar (Thumbnail view) of the original document. Move the mouse to where the extracted documents should go and release the mouse button. Hope this helps.

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