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Recent file list - how to delete/manage


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When you right-click on the Nitro Pro icon on the task bar, you see a list of recent files that you looked at and can choose to pin them for quicker access next time. I wanted to pin the last 2 files I opened but they were not on the lower list, so I started to 'remove from this list' by right-clicking on a file. However I soon realised this list was enormous; I actually got back to PDF's that I had viewed or created back in 2017.  This was a concern because I do security checks for staff and those files slowly appeared on the list for me to delete or pin, plus other sensitive documents.

This has obvious security implications and I wanted to see how I could clear the entire list quickly  - as I kept deleting and more and more kept files kept appearing which was quite laborious as you have to click on each one. I also want to know if there is a setting within Nitro to limit how many files appear on this list. No setting in General tab to do this sadly.   Using Nitro Pro

Many thanks in advance for you help. 

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