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I am a Nitro reseller, for just over a year now and I have some renewals coming up. In the Cleverbridge portal, I see the links to "buy" the new product, but there are no links to renew the "Updates" or "VIP" subscriptions of previously purchased licenses. I have some "Updates" subscriptions renewals coming up, but I cannot seem to find a way, or get help on how to renew these.

Actually, I tried opening a support ticket, someone replied but did not provide links, just got back to me that he's "going to look into it and reply back". The ticket is still open but my replies are now going unanswered. I also contacted sales, but so far I just got generic links on how to buy the product, no specific information when it comes to resellers or the renewals process.

I'm running out of ways to get this useful information as it will be needed for future renewals after licenses are sold to clients would would like to keep their "updates" subscription active.

I need both "Updates Only" and "VIP" renewal links, as not all clients need "VIP", some just opt for "Updates Only" subscriptions.



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