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Nitro won't change paper size when printing to xerox, scales page as if printing on wrong size


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A year ago our office had an issue with printing the correct paper/scaling from Nitro Pro 12 [current update] to our Xerox WorkCentre: Nitro wasn't recognizing changes in paper size under Printer Properties. This resulted in the pages being printed on the paper selected under the "printer properties">"Paper:" dropdown menu, but scaled as if they were set to the paper size nitro thought they were. The solution to this was simple: change the "Original Document Size" in the print driver to "Mixed Size" (Printer properties>Paper>Other Size>Original Document Size) and Nitro was able to recognize changes to the "Output Paper Size" (the dropdown menu next to the "Paper:" field under Printer Properties/Printer Preferences).

We recently upgraded to Windows 10, and unfortunately a bug in the driver has forced us to switch from our Workcentre's device-specific driver to Xerox's Global Print Driver. Now the same issue is happening with the Global Print Driver, only changing the Original Document Size in the driver to "Mixed Size" doesn't let Nitro recognize changes to the "Output Paper Size," so we're back at square one.

The obvious workaround is to manually set the paper input AND output sizes in printer properties under the advanced size settings. This would be fine if the extra steps involved didn't frustrate half my users and confuse the other half. Is there any way to force Nitro to use the printer's output paper size?

As a side note, no other program seems to have this issue forcing the correct paper size in the printer's driver, tested with several MS Office programs, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Firefox and Chrome.

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