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PDF barely optimized, is there a way to know what takes all that space from Nitro Pro?


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I have been trying, over the years and without much success, to optimize some externally produced files with Nitro Pro 10 (and previous versions).

Using online websites or the Adobe editor as usually given better results (as far as optimizing the files is concerned).

I now have a pretty interesting problem and, as usual, wasn't able to do much with Nitro Pro.

I have two externally produced files which were created with QuarkXPress...


The difference between two of the files is mainly the "branding", one of the files has different company logos than the other.

Problem is, these two seemingly almost identical documents have one major difference...

One of the files is about twice the size of the other...

To make matters worse, I have another file which contains about half the page of the other document and, as far as I know, content present in the other two...

This file is even bigger by a factor of about 40% than the biggest of the other two files (one of which is, like I said, about twice the size of the other).

I am told that it was tried to address the problem upstream with the producer of those files but it did not give any result.


My question is, is there a way to know what takes up all that space, what makes that file so big and unable to be optimized to any great extent by Nitro Pro while it is known that a file with very close to the same content is much smaller? Is there any way to know from Nitro Pro?


Thank you and have a nice day!



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Hi Knight,

Thanks for posting to our Community forums!


The PDF will increase in size, depending on how many times the file has been edited and re-edited.  PDF files retain a kind of history of the document, which then equates to file size.  The best way to combat this would be to "Save As" instead of just "Save".  

Please read this knowledge article, which goes over the difference:  http://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/search/save as/000001987



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Hi Eli!


Why doesn't "Optimize PDF" remove (or offer to remove) that history?


I have tried over and over to convince some people to buy/switch to Nitro PDF but I am always confronted with the fact other tools (like Adobe or online compression tools) always do a better job than Nitro when it comes to compressing them...


The file I am mentioning no tools was able to properly compress it but usually online compression tools or the Adobe product(s) do a better job at compressing those files than Nitro Pro.


Thank you and have a nice day!


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