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I had to reinstall Nitro Pro 9 on my laptop after crash.  Nitro runs fine but now can't use the print to file option.  I have followed all instructions on support to reinstall the virtual printer but get the message ((Installation of printer driver failed)).  Is there a way to download the printer drivers again from the site? 

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello bsjones11,

Thanks for contacting Nitro!

Unfortunately Microsoft has changed the way the 'Print Spooler' works in Windows 10. Because of this Nitro Pro 9 cannot be supported on Windows 10.

The PDF Creator built into Nitro Pro 9 will not work properly, though other functions should remain usable.

You have three options from here:

  1. You could upgrade to Nitro Pro 11.

  2. You could install Nitro Pro 11 as a trial (alongside your current installation), just to use the PDF creator.

     The Creator will remain after the trial has finished. 

  3. You could install our alternative PDF creator, PrimoPDFPlease note that this does not change your workflow at all, apart from having to choose PrimoPDF as the printer when printing to PDF.

I hope that helps!

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Stewered Lisa

I only have Nitro PDF Reader and not Nitro Pro. I checked, and I have the most recent version ( How do I reinstall the printer driver?

regards: printer labels

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