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Documents Edited By Nitro become scrambled

Hendrik Tempel

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Hendrik Tempel

I edited and compiled document to submit to a client for approval with nitro. After saving the document and opening it on my PC with adobe or Nitro it look 100% correct, but the moment one of my colleagues or a client edits the same document with adobe or another pdf editor it scrambles all the text into either blocks or unreadable gibberish .

Is there any setting i can change to fix this?


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Eric Thornhill

Hi, I am having the exact same issue. I've created a new PDF form in Nitro Pro and when first opening the file in adobe acrobat, everything looks correct. When I try to type in any of the editable text boxes, however, the letters just overwrite themselves into unreadable gibberish. I've tried changing the various text field settings (text size fixed/auto, different font, scrollable, multi line, etc) and always get the same gibberish result. What am I doing wrong?



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