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Updating Nitro Pro (not upgrading)


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We are running versions of both Nitro 11 and Nitro 12, and we are going through a cyber security audit.  I looked at our versions and compared to your "most recent" version, and it seems we have outdated versions of both products. Is there any way to apply an update to Nitro 12 (we are v12.10.1.487 and your website shows the most current version as without purchasing v13? I understand that Nitro 11 has since been discontinued, so I doubt there are any updates for that still available (even though they do exist), but again with v11, we are running v11.0.7.411 against a more recent version


I have read an article that says we need to uninstall our current version and download the latest installer to update, not only is that extremely not user-friendly, I have had multiple problems with the whole deactivation/activation process, I have ALWAYS needed to file a help ticket to get my licenses able to be reapplied, and now that I am no longer VIP, I cannot even do that. I have to attempt to post a help question in the forum, only to be intercepted by Nitro Support in hopes that my insightful information into the pains of working with them never see the light of day.  Is there any way to conduct internal work on my machines without having to involve someone from your sales team every time? 


Long story short, I AM NOT paying to upgrade to version 13, I want to UPDATE my current PAID-FOR versions of Nitro.  At this point, if I spend any more money on a PDF program, it will not be spent on Nitro software. 

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  • Official Nitronaut
Allain Umailin

Hello @CSI_Guy,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

With regard to managing your activations, unfortunately the only way is by running below License Check Utilities:

Nitro Pro 12:
32-bit: http://install.nitropdf.com/support/downloads/v12/64-bit/LicenseCheck.exe 
64-bit: http://install.nitropdf.com/support/downloads/v12/32-bit/LicenseCheck.exe

Nitro Pro 11:
32-bit: http://install.nitropdf.com/support/downloads/v11/32-bit/LicenseCheck.exe
64-bit: http://install.nitropdf.com/support/downloads/v11/64-bit/LicenseCheck.exe 

To learn more on how to use these utilities, please refer to this Guide: http://install.nitropdf.com/support/downloads/licensecheckguide-13.03.19.pdf


In line with the most updated build for Nitro Pro 12 and 11, could you please provide their serial numbers?

To send them via private message, hover your mouse on top of my name 'AllainU' and select 'Message'.

Thank you very much in advance and I am looking forward to hearing back from you. 

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On 5/4/2020 at 4:52 PM, AllainU said:

Hello @CSI_Guy,

I just sent you a PM with our two serial numbers.  I have downloaded the tools mentioned as well, however following the directions, I cannot get the utility to run. It seems if there are any spaces in the files path (for example, the space between Program and Files in "C:\Program Files\" will cause the prompt to fail stating and invalid command. Using the C:\Users\[username]\Desktop etc I was able to run the command, but the log states the .dll is missing.  Very aggravating and time consuming, straying even further from the idea of being user-friendly? 

Will this even help with updating? I am not inquiring into the activation/deployment status of my licenses, I just want them updated to the latest release of the version we paid for! 

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I received a very helpful email from Armando with the information I was needing.  Here are links to the most current MSI installers for the Nitro 11 and Nitro 12. Running the MSI, you do not need to uninstall your current version, so no issues with re-opening license seats!  Wonderful


You will be able to download the most recent build of Nitro Pro 12 and 11 at the following pages:

Nitro Pro 12 - https://www.gonitro.com/installers/business/v12/msi/download
Nitro Pro 11 - https://www.gonitro.com/installers/business/v11/msi/download

It will not be necessary for you to uninstall the previous versions of Nitro Pro to update if you simply apply the standard MSI installation, but please let me know if you need further assistance. 


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