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Nitro Corrupting My Files

Eric McGinnis

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Eric McGinnis

Hey Everyone,


I am a new user of Nitro PDF, coming from Adobe.  A lot of my work involves me editing PDFs and programatically filling out form fields using iText and C#.  Today I was doing what most of my PDF work entails, modifying form field names so that my process can fill out the appropriate fields.  Today I ran into an issue that I have had 2 times prior in my 2 months of using Nitro PDF and that is iText failing to open the documents after I modify the form field names.  iText will throw the exception saying "Rebuild failed:" and usually a message about a string not being able to be cast to an integer.  Basically it seems Nitro PDF is corrupting my files after I edit them a few times.  I have never had this happen after one save, but after I modify a file 3 or 4 times, it will no longer be able to be opened by iText.  Usually if I open the file back up in Adobe reader and overwrite the save, the file will once again be opened by iText.  Of course even though I paid a couple hundred dollars for this product last month I cannot open a support ticket for this obvious and glaring bug.  I hope someone will be able to help me. 


Secondary issue.  Some of the form fields I create from scratch, display values entered by itext in a vertical fashion, rather than the typical left to right that is used in the English language.  However, if I enter the values in the Nitro PDF editor, they are displayed correctly in the left to right fashion.  What is up with this?


Sorry I have two questions but thank you for all of the help!

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