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Keyboard Shortcuts not being remembered

Dennis Durnian

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Dennis Durnian

On Nitro Pro 10 I have set up keyboard shortcuts to ribbon commands (like Extract, Delete, Insert) via Quick Access Toolbar>More Commands>Customise Keyboard Shortcuts and they work fine for a while but after a month or so they get forgotten and shortcuts revert back to the default settings.  This has happened  several times - any idea what I can to do to prevent this happening?

Also, where is the settings file stored so that I can keep a copy and restore it to avoid having to set up the shortcuts again.

Would appreciate your help.

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Hey, thanks for the path to customize keyboard shortcuts! I just got Nitro 13 and I was trying to delete a page using the shortcut, but it wasn't working, so I just mapped it! I hope you get someone to help with your question.

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