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Stamps issue


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have an end user that is on windows 10 ver. 1607. has nitro 11.03.134. when they try to put a stamp on a pdf made from an autocad 2016 drawing, the stamp will auto rotate itself in different directions randomly as you place them on the drawings. tried the same stamp and pdf in adobe and worked fine. they are using the default autocad DWGtoPDF.pc3, to print to PDF.

Any Suggestions?

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Hi Waruston,

Thanks for posting to our Community forums!


To get support to help troubleshoot Nitro Pro 11, please submit a ticket to our Support team here:  www.gonitro.com/support/ticket



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Steven Zakulec

There does not seem to be a way to rotate any of the annotations (of which Stamps are part of).  You would need to right-click on the annotation, and choose Flatten selection, then the Stamp would be treated as a normal object, and could be easily rotated.

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