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Template fields and signatures

Andrew Adams

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Andrew Adams


Our legal department would like to start using the Nitro Cloud feature to create forms and make them editable for our clients. However, we are unable to figure out how we could edit a field in Nitro cloud. The workflow being created looks something like this.

1. ADMIN1 wants a team template uploaded containing 2 form fields for Ontellus to update “Client Company Name” and “effective date”.

2. USER1 accesses the template

3. USER1 edits for a particular client. USER1 adds “Client Company Name” and “Effective Date”.

4. Then send to CLIENT for Client e-signature + Title + Sign Date.

5. "COMPANY" Signs e-signature + Title + Sign Date

6. Complete

The step that we are running into issues are in step 1-3 to configure and set-up prior to the client receiving the form and being able to edit.

Thank you!

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Craig Lambie

Hi Andrew,

I came across this today too - I am trialing Nitro, and wanted to test this out.

In you scenario, when you "USER1" presses "use template" you can actually add a couple of fields.

However if you mean that USER1 should actually fill in those fields, you could add them in the first place.

The issue/ bug that I see with Nitro is that the "template" itself is not editable after the first go - for example you decide to add a field.

OR even in Nitro you decide you want to change the PDF, without losing all the fields on the document??

How do you do that I wonder @Nitro?


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Liam McJannett

Agreed Craig and Andrew,


I am actually looking for the way to add form fields to a saved Template. My business has multiple changes to documentation every few months - audits - and the documents need to be amended by taking some form fields away and replaced by another type but so far I am unable to see any options that allows for amendments to saved Templates and I am honestly asking myself.....why?

Currently what I am having to do is to re-upload the blank document back into Nitro Sign, and start the entire Form Field add process again from scratch. It's a process that I am going through now with all the Policies and Procedures plus all formal documentation and client documents because it is the only option I have right now. Even asking the bot or raising a ticket hasn't supplied me with any information yet on how we can Edit a saved Template with form fields.


I do hope we get that function and update soon as it will be very very helpful and make the process more efficient!

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