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Conversion Aborted

Aaron Shaffer

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Aaron Shaffer

When printing to the printer Nitro PDF Creator, several times per day I get "Conversion Aborted" errors and cannot print what we are trying to print. This only happens with our ERP system (Epicor Vantage) which uses Crystal Reports forms for printing. It does not happen when printing from Outlook to Nitro PDF Creator, or when printing from Chrome to Nitro PDF Creator, it only happens with the ERP system.

We have for several years used the Foxit PDF Creator printer and never had this issue. We are trying to migrate over to Nitro but this problem is a major hurdle. The only way to "fix" it is to totally exit the ERP system and go back in and try to print the same thing and then it works. There seems to be some kind of interaction bug between the two systems.

Some things that I have tried: uninstalling and reinstalling Nitro, setting different print defaults (different PDF versions), and print directly to printer rather than spooling. Nothing seems to help. What can I do to fix this?

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