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Selection of Docs for Archiving or Deletion


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I have a question about the Nitro Sign (formerly Cloud) web interface. I've accumulated many more documents in the My Documents section of your cloud than I really need to keep. However, the process of clicking each single document and individually archiving or deleting them is time consuming. I have looked for and not found an option to select multiple or all documents to delete or archive them all at once. Am I missing something? Is there some way to accomplish this that I haven't uncovered? If this isn't possible, it really should be. I'm taking up a lot of drive space on your cloud (I can't be the only one). But I do not have the time to archive or delete each individual file. Thanks in advance for your help.  

Best Regards,


--Jeff Herbst

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Reymund Oyong

Hi @jherbst,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Currently, there is no option in Nitro Sign to do a multiple select of documents inside My Documents for bulk delete or archive action. 
You will need to click the three dots (under Actions column in List view) for each document then select Delete Document or Archive.

If you have a lot of files in your My Documents, you can change the view to List View. You can also use the Filter feature to filter based on Signed, Waiting for Signature, Shared, or Drafts, to display the documents that you would like to delete or archive.

Kind regards, 

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Melissa Renfree

Is this feature going to be available soon? Mass selection should be standard when working with many documents. It has been well posted and asked for.

Thank you

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