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Text Box - How to make text box multiple separate lines

Chris F

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I am using Nitro Pro v. on Windows 10 Feature Update 2004 OS Build 19041.329 I have an existing .PDF document.  I successfully created the doc and have been using it for several years now.  The doc is used for reporting what is wrong with laptops we have out in the field users need to turn into us for repair.  I successfully created a section in the doc that consists of 5 text boxes to report the issue.  The problem or question I have...

How to make the 5 text boxes act as one long line of text in other words once yo get to the end of the first line of text you have to mouse down to the next line.  How do I make the lines of test automatically carriage return to the next line of text so I can just keep typing my text once I get to the end of each line rather than have to mouse to each subsequent text box to keep typing my problem description?

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