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Unavailable Features in Nitro

Santhosh Rangarajan


Santhosh Rangarajan


This is Santhosh, i am working in typesetting based industry. In our organisation there are more than 1500 employees working here. In our organisation we are using Acrobat Professional for each employees based on the requirement of their job family. Now we trying to optimize the Acrobat usage in our organisation since the License cost is very high. So i have installed Nitro Pro Ver. trail version to check the Features which is suits for our typesetting Industry. When compare to Acrobat Professional maximum number of features are available in above Nitro version and some of the important features (Which is mandatory for typesetting industry) are not available. Here i am mentioned the missing features and check whether this can implemented in the next version of Nitro release.

1. View Document Trim Size:To view the document trim size in bottom of left corner like Acrobat.

2. Insert Interactive objects: Videos and Audios are unable to embed in PDF.

3. Insert Page Label: Set the Page label as Roman and Arabic format.

4. Preflight: Preflight the PDF.

5. Check Output Preview:  To check the color separations.

6. Flattener Preview: To flatten the transparencies. Nitro provided only basic feature. No advance settings available.

7. Accessibility Features: To create tagged PDF for accessibility.

8. Reduce File SizeTo reduce the file size.

9. Save As PDF: Reader Extent PDF to Enable commenting and measuring.



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Hello I have 2 more to add.

I output file for printing and I use this program instead of the other PDF.

I don't think these would be covered under preflight.

1.View color separations.

2.Check ink coverage.



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