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Disable Screen Reader or its F2 Shortcut?


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Is there any way to permanently turn off either the F2 shortcut for Screen Reader or the Screen Reader feature entirely?  I use F2 in windows explorer constantly for my work to rename PDFs and I have Nitro open all the time on one of my monitors.  Whenever I hit F2 without realizing the focused window is still Nitro, I get that extremely jarring "NITRO SCREEN READER" voice prompt that takes a few seconds or longer for me to turn off, makes me lose my workflow/concentration as is just generally annoying/aggravating.  I'm sure it sounds minor, but it has bothered me with Nitro for years.  Any solution or workaround?  I'm on, but I'm pretty sure this issue was on previous versions and assume it exists on recent versions as well (I am possibly upgrading to 13 soon)? 

Thank you

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