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When converting/printing a doc. w/Nitro - Print is tiny

Bobbi Owens

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Bobbi Owens

For about a week and a half now  (I started noticing this on June 22nd - 2020 - any document I convert or print from an e-mail is all of a sudden printing in a Tiny Font size

This is how I SAVE documents from my e-mails for security and or archiving or later use

I have and am using:

Lenovo E540 Laptop

Nitro Pro - Purchased 12/19/19

Windows 7

E-mail - Web - based Outlook Live mail

I've attached examples of BEFORE and After it started to be an issue =  of TWO recipes (There is no confidential content so I used these) - SAME company - E-mail - format -  etc - Since you can't attach a file - I put it in my Google Drive:

GOOD One from 6/16


BAD One from 6/22


Can you help me?

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