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Formatting of Text within a Text Box

Steven Leuck

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Steven Leuck

I'm new to NP having only purchased 5 licenses for my office staff just last week.  There's SOOO much I like about the product's ease of use and VERY specifically, the ability to much more easily E-Sign and request signatures from 2nd parties or more. This is an invaluable tool for us. But, during my test drive last week I failed to note that it's impossible to format text within a text box except for changing the font of the entire box.  This is a huge setback.  We have multiple forms with fillable fields we've used for a decade that have areas of bolded and sometimes italicized fonts that are now unusable.  This is incredibly disappointing.  Can someone playing for the NP team let us know if this functionality is something that you are planning to embed or add?  Acrobat had Rich Text formatting too, which was one of two ways to Bold, Underline, Italicize, etc.  Either or both of these tools would be FANTASTIC and make NP everything I was hoping for.  
As a side, one thing that neither Acrobat nor NP have is the ability to add tab sets within a text box.  Sure would be nice to have alignment tools like that within a text box.
Steven Leuck
Eugene, OR

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