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Nitro Pro 10 Crashes with new Kodak Alaris E1025


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I've just received a new E1025 to replace my ageing i40 which I have had running with Nitro Pro 10 and previously Pro 8 without problems.  However the drivers are getting increasingly difficult to keep installed as they are not Win 10 compatible hence the new purchase.

The problem I have is that when I try to scan from the E1025 I am presented with two entries for the scanner and it doesn't matter which one I choose the program crashes.

I tried it with Pro 8 on my laptop which only presents one entry for the scanner and it works with no issues.  

I've installed Pro 10 on the Laptop and again I'm presented with two entries for the scanner and it also crashes.

Any  ideas to sort this out would be appreciated.

 - Neil

P.S. Who can change my user name to not show my email address as I certainly didn't use it as my user name and can't find out where to change it ?


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