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Highlighting text in a scanned image

Rik Burt

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I ran into a problem today.  I had scanned in some MTR's for material used in our products and went to highlight the heat numbers.  The highlight tool did not work as expected.  I am an Acrobat user migrating to Nitro so I was a bit surprised that something that takes zero time in Acrobat ate up my entire morning in Nitro.  I finally found a work around by drawing a rectangle around the text I wanted "highlighted".  I then went and selected the rectangle.  I right clicked and went to the properties of the rectangle and changed the border thickness to the smallest number (1), I changed the color of the border to the same color as the "fill".  I then clicked the box to make this the default properties as I had to do this multiple times.  This method is not ideal but at least I can continue with my day.

I find it cumbersome to have to "OCR" an image just to put some color in specific areas.  Adobe can do this so I know it is not impossible.

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