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using nitrosign for invoice coding approval

Ali Fazakerley

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Ali Fazakerley

Hi, I would like to use Nitrosign for getting invoices coded and approved. This would mean typing the accounting codes onto the invoice and sending it to someone else to approve by signing it. Is this possible, does anyone else use it for this? How do i do it? is there a helpline number i could call? thanks

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Eleanor Powell

Yes, it can be used like that.  I hope you've already found your answer, but

- click "Request Signature"

- once logged into NitroSign via your browser, enter the signor's email address, drag Signature to where the approval signature needs to be, click on yourself in the upper left, drag a Custom box to where you'd like the accounting code(s) placed, enter that document's accounting code, and consider adding a date field using the Recipient's Date box, disallowing them to change the date; this will force the date to be the same date they signed the document.

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