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NP: Are we going to get fixes?

Ryan W

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You guys dropped this version on a lot of features like the stamps and shapes are completely broken and either vanish or duplicate themselves in all sorts of insane ways. There are many posts (including my own) out lining these issues.

Since you've released Nitro Pro 14, do you have any intentions on continuing to release bug fixes for Nitro Pro 13?



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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Ryan W

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!

We have already reported (internally) the issues you described in the following posts:

Based on my test with some older builds of Nitro PDF Pro 13, so far the build is not exhibiting the issue with the highlight / cross out / markups disappearing. I also found that this issue is no longer occurring on Nitro PDF Pro 14. 

Regarding the Copy and Paste of Shapes, I have not seen this issue happening on the build but this is still an issue in Nitro PDF Pro 14. 

I apologize if we do not have a timeline or exact date for the fix. Once available, they will be posted on our Release Notes page at https://www.gonitro.com/product-details/release-notes

I can provide the installer for and if you would like to try these builds as a workaround while waiting for the fix/update for the issues mentioned above. 

Kind regards, 

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So, there's no intention of releasing another version of 13.x with bug fixes? This is what happened when you jumped from 12 to 13 as well. Thankfully your licensing team upgraded us to 13 free of charge because the Nalperion servers you were using for some older versions were being turned sunset.  We had upgraded to 12 for free but bugs hindering our every day use (much like what's now happening with 13) caused massive grief for us (and others). 


So now here we are in the same boat, leaving us to use older versions of Nitro 13 that do not contain the security updates for CVEs CVE-2022-37434, CVE-2023-0286 and CVE-2022-46406 (if you expect us to go back to or







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Stefan Moreno

As far as I'm aware, I'm on the most up to date version of Nitro Pro 13 ( and this still has yet to be fixed. It's really sad this issue has been going on for half a year now with no update in sight.

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